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Materials & thickness

OutOfAir bags are made out of 7 layers of Nylon and Polyethylene. Our bags are 4 mil thick on the gloss side and 10 mil thick on the embossed side. In comparison, FoodSaver® standard bags are 3 mil thick and are made of 5 layers.

7 Layers including 2 air barriers

When comparing vacuum sealer bags it's important to know one thing: nylon is the material that actually blocks the air and moisture molecules from getting to your food. Without nylon, air and moisture would seep in through the "normal" plastic due to the vacuum inside the bag.

All vacuum sealer bags have an outer layer of nylon. To make OutOfAir bags the smarter choice we added a second nylon barrier in the middle of our bags.

What this means is that if the outer nylon layer is superficially damaged, OutOfAir bags stay sealed, and your food stays preserved.

info_outline The 7 OutOfAir layers, from outside to inside: Nylon (co-extruded PA), PE (polyethylene), LDPE (low density polyethylene), PE, Nylon, PE, LDPE.

Air channels

OutOfAir bags use a tried and true embossed pattern on one side. This pattern creates channels for air to be easily pulled out of the bag when vacuum sealing, leaving no air surrounding your food. This ensures your bags will be out of air, and your food protected.


If your vacuum sealer bags are too stiff, it can cause problems when trying to vacuum and seal your food.

Plastic malleability could be a function of its thickness, but it depends on composition of the plastic. For example, a 3 mil bag can be stiffer than a 4 mil bag (consider another example: a sheet of paper and a sheet of steel at the same thickness are going to be very different). Our plastic's composition and layering allow it to be highly malleable so all air gets out.

Here is what one of our customers wrote in a review about our rolls:

They seem to be better quality than the FoodSaver® brand... lately the rolls I have gotten from them have been covered in creases causing massive amounts of sealing failures. [..] The plastic is not too stiff, like some of the other manufactures rolls. (Kim W)

Fit for Sous Vide

Yes. OutOfAir bags are made of non-toxic FDA-approved food-safe plastic. They do not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) or Phtalates. They have passed boiling tests, and they are simmer safe for Sous Vide cooking. Read more on our FAQ page.

Thickness comparison

OutOfAir Claimed Measured
Gloss side 4 mil 4 mil
Textured side 10 mil 10 mil
FoodSaver® Claimed Measured
Gloss side 3 mil 3 mil
Textured side 11.5 mil 9 mil
GameSaver® Claimed Measured
Gloss side 3 mil 3 mil
Textured side 11.5 mil 9 mil
GameSaver® Heavy Duty Claimed Measured
Gloss side 4 mil -
Textured side 11.5 mil -

info_outline We've taken the information about the layers' number and the thickness of FoodSaver®, GameSaver® and GameSaver® Heavy Duty bags from the website, as found on June 1, 2018.