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Why Should I Vacuum Seal? Benefits, Uses, Tips

Why Should I Vacuum Seal? Benefits, Uses, Tips

In today’s world, various solutions and trends are born to face increasing demands. This is also seen in ways to improve the shelf life of one of our most basic needs – food. Refrigerators and freezers extend the validity of different food items. Now, with more means to technology, there is another way to make everyone’s lives a notch easier and cooler - this is through vacuum sealing.

Vacuum sealers are machines that enable you to preserve food items in different ways, all in the comfort of your own home. Vacuum sealer bags can be used for dry goods, liquids, and even your favorite sweets!

Store your groceries - flour, coffee beans, rice, spices, and more - in vacuum sealer bags. Have you consumed only a part of oil, liquid seasonings, or even potato chips? Seal and store them while keeping food fresher, longer!

Vacuum-sealed products can also last up to three to five times longer than non-sealed foods. It also maintains an item’s freshness and reduces food spoilage. This method removes most of the factors that cause food to break down.

How Do Vacuum Sealers Work

This method involves one basic principle - use vacuum seal bags by placing any food item inside the bag that needs storage. To vacuum seal a bag, the air is removed from the space around your food. Then, a heated seal bar fuses the sides of the bag together with the use of a vacuum sealer.

This principle aids in preventing the growth of different microorganisms in the package. This is the common cause of food spoilage, discoloration, and/or changes in taste. To cut open a vacuum-sealed bag, you can cut it so that the food item inside does not get ruined.

What Are the Benefits of Vacuum Sealing

1. Protect Food From Freezer Burns

The chances of freezer burn are higher when using refrigerators. Though this poses no threat to your health, freezer burn affects the taste and texture of the food. With the use of a food vacuum sealer, your stored food is protected from freezer burn. This method also prevents dehydration.

2. Longer Shelf Life and Freshness

Vacuum sealing also aids in better protection compared to your usual food storage methods. Refrigerators and cabinets prevent air exposure. Yet, vacuum sealers prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungus in a vacuum-sealed bag.

Vacuum sealing also aids in storing your favorite seasonal kitchen items. Fruits, vegetables, and meats all tend to spoil quickly. Thus, vacuum sealers preserve your food’s taste and freshness longer.

3. Enhance Food's Taste and Flavor

With the preservation of taste, vacuum sealing also boosts your cooking experience. Season and seal your preferred meats for an occasion or your usual barbeque night. The flavor is sealed in with the secure packaging of food, scaling up your cooking game!

4. Space Saving

Large storage containers are also used when storing food in the fridge. This can consume a huge amount of interior space, preventing stowage for other items. With vacuum sealing, items are easily packed, placed, and stacked together. This saves more room for your other kitchen items, cans, and even food boxes.

5. Time and Money Saving

Moreover, purchasing groceries often come in bulk to save more money. Through food saver vacuum sealers, your family can save a lot more money. You do not have to fear spoiling that stored marinated meat or your favorite seasonal berries. Vacuum-sealed bags can store all these items.

6. Reduce Food and Material Wastage

Vacuum sealers are also for storing food leftovers. Using this method reduces food waste which is awfully a huge waste of money and resources. You will also help in reducing material wastage. This is from not having to buy more pre-packaged items.

7. Microwave Safe

Vacuum seal bags are also microwave-safe. You can heat leftovers by opening a corner of the bag before placing it inside the microwave. This is to let steam escape. But vacuum seal bags should not be used to cook raw foods. Moreover, you can also use vacuum seal bags for simmering food. Place a vacuum-sealed bag in hot liquid kept just below the boiling point of water.

8. Washable and Reusable Vacuum Seal Bags

You can reuse vacuum seal bags for food depending on the previous food contents of the bag. You may wash and reuse vacuum sealer bags that previously contained dry food items. However, bags that contained certain items should be discarded after usage. These include raw meat, unpasteurized cheese, and eggs. This is to prevent contamination due to the bacteria that remains even after washing.

9. Safer Food Preservation

Today's society advocates for healthier and chemical-free communities. Vacuum sealing further proves its significance in today’s world. You can buy which herbs and spices you wish to use in seasoning your purchased meats. Then, secure them through vacuum sealers. Through this, you are aware and assured of the safety of the food you serve to your family.

Tips for Vacuum Sealing

1. Label the Bags

Label the vacuum sealer bag before sealing using a pen or permanent marker. Show the date and contents of the bag for well-organized storage.

2. Flatten the Bags

Flat vacuum-sealed food bags will stack easier inside your fridge or freezer. Make sure to arrange the food content as flat as possible before sealing the bag.

3. Tip for Packing Liquids

There is a technique for vacuum packing soups or sauce in bags. You can freeze the liquid using the appropriate container shape in suitable portions. Then, place the frozen blocks in bags and vacuum seal them.

4. Check the Seal on the Bag

Another tip is to check the seal on the bag before stowage. Is it smooth? Is the bag fused along the whole seal? Make sure to get good quality and clean vacuum sealer bags for your food. Check if the sealing strip has been warmed before sealing bags.

5. Clean the Vacuum Sealer

Maintain your vacuum sealer by cleaning it after each use. This will extend the usability of the sealer and make it more hygienic for your everyday use.

Now a More Sustainable Solution for Your Food Packaging Needs

Our world continues to evolve and innovate each day. Commercial vacuum sealer machines nowadays are also a lot easier to operate. These machines can also cater every different occasion. There are ones used by large manufacturers and distributors. There are also machines meant for easy home usage.

Vacuum seal bags are also available for purchase through online and physical stores. These bags are also available in different sizes. From small vacuum seal bags to larger ones used for varying food items. You can now buy food items in bulk and store them at home!

The people are also transitioning to working from home. With this, storing items through vacuum sealing implies lesser hassle. It also promotes extra financial savings, and above all, food security. Vacuum sealers compel a more comfortable modern lifestyle for everyone.

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