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OutOfAir vs. FoodVacBags

OutOfAir vs. FoodVacBags

"Which vacuum-sealing bag best suits my needs?"

Is probably the most crucial question to ask when deciding which brand of vacuum-sealing bags is right for you to pick.

In this post, we talk about the difference between two major manufacturers in the vacuum-sealing world: OutOfAir and FoodVacBags.

We will tackle what distinguishes the two which will include a dive into their features and prices!

Let’s get started..

OutOfAir vs. FoodVacBags: An Overview

To help you choose which bags are the best fit for your needs, we made a comprehensive comparison between OutofAir and FoodVacBags.

We compared them on two critical aspects: their prices and key features.

OutOfAir vs. FoodVacBags: Price Comparison

Now, although the price doesn’t always tell the whole story, it does play a huge part in your decision-making.

So here's a table showing the retail prices for both brands:

OutOfAir Bags vs. FoodVacBags: Price Comparison

Sizes & Counts (assuming you want to buy 3 different bag sizes in 100 counts each).



Pint-size bags - 100 count



Quart-size bags - 100 count



Gallon-size bags - 100 count






(The prices for FoodVacBags are based on the information found on their website as of July 30, 2022.)

On average, there's a 3-dollar difference between OutOfAir Bags versus FoodVac Bags, with FoodVac Bags leaning towards the cheaper end.

We can conclude from the table that OutOfAir bags are a bit more expensive than FoodVacBags.

But why is that the case?

To explore that, we venture into the features of each brand's bags.

Let's find out why..

OutOfAir vs. FoodVacBags: Feature Comparison

Down below we have a table that compares the bags of the two brands in terms of their features.

Extra features usually mean additional benefits, and this table shows exactly what I mean.

Bag Features

OutOfAir Bags


Material used

Polyethylene and nylon

Polyethylene and nylon

FDA-approved & BPA-free




7 Layers

7 Layers


4 mil gloss side

10 mil embossed side

4 mil gloss side

10 mil embossed side

Reusable, Microwavable, Freezer safe, Boilable, Dishwasher safe



Sous Vide safe



Write-ready labels



Tear notches



Side markings



(FoodVacBags's features are based on data obtained from their website on July 30, 2022.)

Apart from affordability, I believe it's a must for you to take into consideration which bags give you the best return for your money.

And honestly, it doesn't always mean that cheaper is the way to go.

Let's break down why we think the additional features of OutOfAir Bags are worth the extra bucks.

Why Are Write-Ready Labels Important in Vacuum Seal Bags?

Write-ready labels allow you to write the date and the contents of the bag, smudge-free. This is very crucial to organizing your packaged food and tracking how long it has been sealed.

Imagine stocking up on food with no labels and no indications of when it was packed.. Chaos!

How about accidentally putting red pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce when baking lasagna because your label got erased and you mistook the one for the other? Nightmare.

Or not being sure of what you're reheating until you've defrosted it and realized you wanted to bring out something else? Hassle.

A simple write-ready label is your solution to unnecessary disorganized stress.

Do Tear Notches Play a Crucial Role in Vacuum Sealer Bags?

Quick answer? Yes, they do.

Tear notches make opening the bag as easy as 1 2 3.

This feature is really handy when:

  • You can’t find scissors or prefer not to use one.
  • You're in a hurry to open the bag, or
  • when you're backpacking in the wild or traveling. Talk about an efficient (and healthy) trail mix on the go!

Do Side Markings Matter in Food Vacuum Seal Bags?

Well, filling multiple bags to the same level is made easier with side markings.

This is very useful especially if you need to pack bulk foods in similar or exact rations.

Meal prep and portion control at its finest.

This is also handy when buying and storing large quantities of raw food items as well.

Can I Boil Vacuum Sealer Bags?

We're proud to say that, with OutOfAir Bags, you most definitely can!

OutOfAir bags are made of non-toxic FDA-approved food-safe plastic.

They do not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) or phthalates. They have also passed boiling tests up to 100 °C for 4 hours, making them suitable for sous vide cooking.

Read more about it on our FAQ page!

OutOfAir vs. FoodVacBags: Final Thoughts

There is a slight price difference between OutOfAir bags and FoodVacBags, but it is well worth considering the former for its value for money.

OutOfAir strives to provide the highest level of quality possible alongside its many crucial features while keeping our bags and rolls at an affordable price.

Ultimately, we do believe that choosing OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags is a wise decision and a great investment for all your food vacuum-sealing needs.

The decision is now yours to make...

Comment down below if you have any thoughts about these features and prices.

I always love to hear what you have to say!

To learn more about the specifics of OutofAir vacuum sealer bags, click here.

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