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Fill with ease, open with ease

Keeps food safe. Avoid freezer burn with our heavy-duty, 7-layer, 4 mil puncture-resistant plastic.
Tough bags. Boil them, microwave them, freeze them - our stronger material can take more wear and tear.
Fit for Sous-vide. Our bags passed safety tests for up to 4 hours in 100°C boiling water.
Easy open. Tear open with ease with our built-in tear notches.
Measure quickly. Side markings help you to quickly fill multiple bags to the same level.
Write w/o smudges. Large white write-ready labels to write date and contents smudge-free.
All good. Compatible with all heat-seal vacuum sealer machines. BPA-Free & FDA Approved Plastic.
No worries. All OutOfAir bags & rolls come with our 3X Safe warranty. Learn more.

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Compatible with all heat-seal vacuum sealer machines

OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags work in ALL normal heat-seal vacuum sealers. Including machines made by companies such as FoodSaver®, VacMaster®, Weston®, Cabelas®, Rival®, Seal-a-Meal®, Ziploc® and more. *

Compatible sealer

Compatible sealer

Compatible sealer

Compatible sealer

Compatible sealer

FreshSaver * Our zipper bags (and all OutOfAir bags) are not compatible with hand-held devices that require a valve on the bag.

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Our Story

Our story

OutOfAir was founded in 2015 out of frustration with existing bags being not good enough or too expensive.

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