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  • OutOfAir 8" x 25' Vacuum Sealer Bags - 40 Rolls Bulk Case
  • OutOfAir 40 8x25 vacuum sealer bag rolls - 1,000 feet total
  • OutOfAir’s 25 ft. seal bags fits most vacuum sealers than 50 ft. rolls do
  • OutOfAir vacuum sealer bag roll are compatible with FoodSaver, Tilia, VacMaster, Weston, Cabelas, Rival, Seal-a-Meal, Ziploc, etc.

OutOfAir 8" x 25' Vacuum Sealer Bags - 40 Rolls Bulk Case

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Product Details

  • 7 layer, 4 mil thick plastic.
  • 33% thicker, fit for sous-vide.
  • Compatible with all standard vacuum sealer machines.
  • FDA approved food-safe material, BPA-free, no phthalates.
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Are you looking for 8-inch vacuum sealer bags that fit your vacuum sealing device perfectly? Look no further with OutOfAir's 8”x25’ vacuum sealer bag rolls. They are made to fit and seal perfectly, plus you don’t have to worry about running out soon with these 40 rolls!


  • INCREDIBLY TOUGH: We use BPA-free heavy-duty plastic, and our bags are 33% thicker than most bags on the market. It avoids freezer burn and eliminates the risk of sharp objects puncturing your bags (10 mil texture side, 4 mil gloss side).
  • SAFE, EASY, AND RISK-FREE: Our bags are BPA-free and FDA-approved. They can be microwaved, frozen, re-used, washed, and boiled.
  • FIT FOR SOUS VIDE: Our bags passed safety tests for up to 4 hours in 100°C boiling water.
  • 1,000 FEET OF VACUUM BAGS: Includes 40 rolls that are 8-inches by 25-feet long. Enough to make 1,000 quart-size bags (but with the option to make larger or smaller bags).
  • MEASURE AND CUT: Cut multiple bags to the same size easily by using evenly spaced side markings.
  • 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If our bags don't meet your expectations, email us for a FULL REFUND.


  • Manufacturer OutOfAir
  • Color No
  • Quantity & Dimensions 40 Rolls (8” x 25)
  • Material Polyethylene
  • With Writable Space for Labels No
  • Roll Length 25 ft
  • Color Clear
  • Bag Thickness 10 Mil Embossed Side and 4 Mil Clear Side
  • Layer Count 7 Layers
  • Review Count 9
  • Avg. Review 4.9
  • Best Rating 5

Smart features

It fits! 25ft rolls are made to fit inside machines with internal roll storage. No storage? Try Smart Box.
Measure and cut. Cut multiple bags to the same size easily by using the evenly spaced side markings.
Measure quickly. Side markings help you to quickly fill multiple bags to the same level.
Less waste. Normal 16ft rolls result in more wasted ends. Our 25ft rolls last longer, so you waste less.

Fits inside most machines

Other vacuum sealer rolls are too large to fit inside most FoodSaver vacuum sealers. No more struggling to manage extra-large rolls. Place it inside your machine and use the machine's built-in cutter. OutOfAir rolls are the longest available that will still fit. Note: If you think your machine has trouble sealing, it may need a gasket replacement.

No worries about running out of vacuum bags

OutOfAir's 8-inch vacuum sealer bags come in 40 rolls, which makes 1,000 feet of bags. With this dimension and length, you can store as much food as you want without having to worry about running out soon.

Protect your electronics and other belongings

Why let your belongings spoil when you can store them in these durable, reusable seal rolls? Our rolls are for versatile storage bag solutions so you can keep them and get back on track with life. You can use it to protect your electronics when you're out in the rain to preserve important documents and photos. They're also a durable material that can withstand even the harshest conditions.

How to make a vacuum bag from a roll?

Steps to make a bag from a roll: 1. Cut the desired amount of roll material. 2. Press the "Seal" button. The red seal light will illuminate. 3. Insert the open end of the bag into the vacuum channel until the clamp motor starts. The roll material must be centered between the arrows. Continue to hold until the clamp motor stops. 4. When the red seal light turns off, the sealing is complete.

Are OutOfAir vacuum bag rolls safe for kids?

Yes, they are 100% safe for kids since these bags don't have any harmful industrial chemicals. In addition, they are made of FDA-approved food-safe material, heavy-duty BPA-free plastic, and contain no phthalates. Caution: Keep it out of the reach of children to prevent the risk of suffocation.

Find Out Why This Product is a Must-Have!

Microwave Safe Bag

Safe to use in a microwave and convenient, OutOfAir mega roll is the perfect solution for quick and easy meal prep without affecting the quality of the food.

Sous Vide Cooking

OutOfAir ensures food safety and consistent, flavorful foods with sous vide cooking, cooking vacuum sealed food in water at a precisely controlled temperature.

Perfect for Portion Control

OutOfAir mega rolls allow storing even in smaller quantities, which helps you cook only what you need for a meal.

Reduces food waste and save money

Storing vacuum sealed leftovers in the fridge reduces food waste and saves money by using and enjoying them for another meal.

Designed for Bulk Sealing Meats

Designed to store large amounts of meat, especially game meats from hunting or fishing trips.

Keeps your jerky fresh and delicious

Vacuum sealing your favorite jerky keeps its delicious flavor, storing them in the refrigerator extends the freshness of your favorite jerky and other snacks.

Who is this for?


OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags make it easy and efficient to store your hunting haul and preserve the quality of game meats.

Meat Processors

Using OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags to vacuum seal your meat products extends their freshness when refrigerated, ensures food safety, minimizes waste, and saves you money.


OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags maintain the freshness and quality of your caught fish, making it easier to transport them thanks to the airtight and leak-proof seal.

Home Cooks

OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags minimize food waste, extend the shelf life of your cooked meals, and offer convenience and practicality in the kitchen, allowing you to prepare meals ahead of time.

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Why OutOfAir?

outofair-vs-otherbrands outofair-vs-otherbrands outofair-vs-otherbrands

Compatible with all clamp-style heat-seal vacuum sealers

Safety guaranteed with FDA approved material

BPA-free plastic vacuum sealer bags

Dishwasher-safe and reusable

Thickness holds an airtight and secure seal

Other Brands

Not compatible with some clamp-style heat-seal vacuum sealers

May be unsafe to use and not FDA approved

May not be BPA-free

May not be reusable or safe for dish-washing

Thinner bags tend to break easily, causing the seal to loosen

To learn more, you can check OutOfAir vs. Other Brands

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