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OutOfAir Replacement Teflon Heat Strip Tape - 3 Pack



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Replacement tape to protect your vacuum sealer's heating element.


Includes 3 pieces of replacement Teflon strips with adhesive backing. Replacing your heat tape is recommended if it appears worn or you've run in to any problems with sealing.
FITS ALL MACHINES: Strips are 18 inches long x 0.5 inches wide. These are purposely slightly longer and wider than necessary, simply trim length to fit your sealer model. The extra width gives you a bit more room to ensure proper coverage.
PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: This tape is used to cover the heating element on your vacuum sealer machine. Worn out tape can cause problems when sealing, and could cause damage to your machine.
WORKS IN ALL VACUUM SEALER MACHINES: OutOfAir replacement Teflon strips work in all vacuum sealers. Including FoodSaver, VacMaster, Weston, Cabelas, Rival, Seal-a-Meal, Ziploc and more.
SAFE, CONVENIENT, RISK FREE: OutOfAir replacement strips are FDA Approved for direct food contact (-100 to 500F), and include a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

How Do I Install My Replacement Tape?
To install:
1) Simply remove the tape on your current heating element (make sure to get the residue from the old tape off).
2) Cut your new OutOfAir replacement tape to the correct size.
3) Remove the yellow backing from the tape and place over the heating element (under the element if using for an impulse sealer). Smooth out the tape with your finger as you go, to ensure a good bond.
And that's it!

Will OutOfAir replacement tape work with my machine?
Yes it will. Works in all Vacuum and Impulse sealers that have a heating element for sealing bags.
For Vacuum Sealers you should place the tape directly over the heating element (after removing the current tape).
For Impulse Sealers you should place the tape directly under the heating element (after removing the current tape).

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