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  • FoodSaver VS0160 PowerVac compact vacuum sealing machine, white
  • Key features of FoodSaver VS0160 PowerVac Vacuum Sealer Machine
  • White FoodSaver VS0160 PowerVac vacuum sealing machine stores horizontally or vertical to save space
  • FoodSaver VS0160 PowerVac seals with 35 % less bag waste compared to previous FoodSaver models
  • FoodSaver VS0160 PowerVac sealer seals meat in an airtight bpa-free food container leak-proof
  • FoodSaver VS0160 PowerVac Vacuum Sealer Machine versus bargain brands

FoodSaver VS0160 Vacuum Sealer Machine (White)

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Product Details

  • Seals with 35% less bag waste.
  • Custom settings for wet and dry food.
  • Includes a detachable built-in bag alignment drip tray.
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Looking to keep your food fresh for longer? The FoodSaver VS0160 PowerVac compact vacuum sealing machine is just what you need. This space-saver vacuum sealer machine can be stored vertically in the kitchen and seals with 35% less bag waste compared to previous FoodSaver vacuum sealing models.


  • KEEP FOOD FRESH LONGER: This PowerVac compact vacuum sealer keeps food fresh in the freezer for up to 5 times longer than ordinary storage methods.
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN: This space-saving vacuum sealer stores vertically in the kitchen to save you valuable countertop space.
  • LESS BAG WASTE: Seals with 35% less bag waste than previous FoodSaver vacuum sealing models, so you get the most out of your FoodSaver bags.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS FOR WET AND DRY ITEMS: It's equipped with two unique settings to maintain an airtight seal regardless of the food type.
  • HAS BUILT-IN BAG ALIGNMENT DRIP TRAY: The tray is detachable for easy cleanup. You can connect it to a FoodSaver handheld sealer (available separately) for sous vide or preserve food stored in the fridge and pantry.

FoodSaver VS0160 keeps food fresh 5x longer

When combined with OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags, the FoodSaver VS0160 allows you to keep food fresh in the freezer for up to 5 times longer, saving you time and money in the long run. In addition, the white color creates a classic, timeless-looking kitchen that feels spacious and fresh.
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This white FoodSaver machine includes a built-in bag alignment drip tray that is detachable for easy cleanup. In addition, you can connect it to a FoodSaver Handheld Sealer (available separately). It's also compatible with all other FoodSaver bags, rolls, and accessories.
To minimize space, you can store the PowerVac compact vacuum sealing machine horizontally or vertically. Compared to previous FoodSaver models, it seals by 35% to reduce bag waste. In addition, it comes with two specific settings—Moist and Dry—for the ideal seal with every type of food.

Can I use ziplock bags for this?

VS0160 FoodSaver is only compatible with FoodSaver and other vacuum sealer bags and rolls, including the OutOfAir brand.

Will the "Seal" button interrupt the vacuum mode and initiate sealing at any time?

You can stop the vacuuming process at any time. You can press the "Vacuum" or "Seal" button, which stops the vacuuming process and begins the sealing process.

How long does food last in a vacuum sealed bag?

Frozen food that is vacuum sealed can last 2-3 years, whereas food preserved in other ways lasts an average of 6-12 months. Most vacuum-sealed items will remain 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator, far longer than the average 1-3 days that food will last when stored in a fridge.

Why does vacuum sealing keep food fresher?

When you vacuum seal food, you deprive it of air, which bacteria require to thrive. As a result, these bacteria breed and multiply, destroying the appearance and flavor of food and posing a significant health risk if consumed. As a result, food lasts much longer.


  • Manufacturer OutOfAir
  • Color White
  • Material Silicone, Plastic, Steel
  • Product Dimensions 15.94 x 6.16 x 2.71 inches
  • Plug Type US
  • Voltage 120 Volts
  • Review Count 7
  • Avg. Review 5
  • Best Rating 5

Find Out Why This Product is a Must-Have!

Microwave Safe Bag

Safe to use in a microwave and convenient, OutOfAir mega roll is the perfect solution for quick and easy meal prep without affecting the quality of the food.

Sous Vide Cooking

OutOfAir ensures food safety and consistent, flavorful foods with sous vide cooking, cooking vacuum sealed food in water at a precisely controlled temperature.

Perfect for Portion Control

OutOfAir mega rolls allow storing even in smaller quantities, which helps you cook only what you need for a meal.

Reduces food waste and save money

Storing vacuum sealed leftovers in the fridge reduces food waste and saves money by using and enjoying them for another meal.

Designed for Bulk Sealing Meats

Designed to store large amounts of meat, especially game meats from hunting or fishing trips.

Keeps your jerky fresh and delicious

Vacuum sealing your favorite jerky keeps its delicious flavor, storing them in the refrigerator extends the freshness of your favorite jerky and other snacks.

Who is this for?


OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags make it easy and efficient to store your hunting haul and preserve the quality of game meats.

Meat Processors

Using OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags to vacuum seal your meat products extends their freshness when refrigerated, ensures food safety, minimizes waste, and saves you money.


OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags maintain the freshness and quality of your caught fish, making it easier to transport them thanks to the airtight and leak-proof seal.

Home Cooks

OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags minimize food waste, extend the shelf life of your cooked meals, and offer convenience and practicality in the kitchen, allowing you to prepare meals ahead of time.

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Why OutOfAir?

outofair-vs-otherbrands outofair-vs-otherbrands outofair-vs-otherbrands

Compatible with all clamp-style heat-seal vacuum sealers

Safety guaranteed with FDA approved material

BPA-free plastic vacuum sealer bags

Dishwasher-safe and reusable

Thickness holds an airtight and secure seal

Other Brands

Not compatible with some clamp-style heat-seal vacuum sealers

May be unsafe to use and not FDA approved

May not be BPA-free

May not be reusable or safe for dish-washing

Thinner bags tend to break easily, causing the seal to loosen

To learn more, you can check OutOfAir vs. Other Brands

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