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Are OutOfAir bags safe for food use?

OutOfAir bags are made of non-toxic FDA-approved food-safe plastic. They do not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) or Phtalates.

Are OutOfAir bags BPA free?

Yes, they are. OutOfAir bags do not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), nor do they contain Phtalates - which is another category of toxic plastics.

How safe are they?

The materials OutOfAir bags are made of were tested by two well-known accredited testing companies (Intertek and SGS) using FDA and European Union testing standards, and they passed all checkpoints.

More specifically, the bags were filled with a neutral food replicant and were boiled for 4 continuous hours at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degress Celsius).

The contents of the bags were then analyzed by five panelists who all rated the substance as being: clear, colorless and as having zero odor.

The food replicant was also chemically tested for BPA, n-hexane, xylene, lead, cadmium, carium, colbalt, copper, iron, lithium, manganese, zinc, and many more. All chemical test results were well within the FDA's food-safe standards.

Are they good for Sous Vide?

Yes. OutOfAir bags are made of non-toxic FDA-approved food-safe plastic. They do not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) or Phtalates. They have passed boiling tests, and they are simmer safe for Sous Vide cooking.

What are OutOfAir bags made of?

OutOfAir bags are made out of 7 layers of Nylon and Polyethylene. Learn more about our materials.

How thick are OutOfAir bags?

OutOfAir bags are made out of 7 layers of Nylon and Polyethylene. They are 4 mil thick on the gloss side and 10 mil thick on the embossed side.

Are they compatible with my sealer?

OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags work in ALL normal heat-seal vacuum sealers. Including machines made by companies such as FoodSaver®, VacMaster®, Weston®, Cabelas®, Rival®, Seal-a-Meal®, Ziploc® and more.

If you have a good working machine of decent quality, you will have no problems.

Can I use OutOfAir bags with a FoodSaver® heat-sealing machine?

OutOfAir bags work with FoodSaver® machines just as well as brand bags do. You have nothing to worry about.

Can I use OutOfAir bags with my FreshSaver® hand-held device?

No, they will not work. Hand-held devices require a special valve on the bag. We don't carry bags compatible with hand-held devices today.

Are OutOfAir bags embossed?

OutOfAir bags use a tried and true embossed pattern on one side. This pattern creates channels for air to be easily pulled out of the bag when vacuum sealing, leaving no air surrounding your food. This ensures your bags will be out of air, and your food protected.

Do they have air channels?

Yes, they do. That's what the embossing is all about. The embossed pattern creates so-called "air channels" that help all the air be pulled out with ease.

What do you mean by smart features?

Each of our product lines (bags, rolls, smart box) come with extra features to make your life easier. For example, OutOfAir bags have notches for easy-open on the sides. All our rolls have markings on the sides to help you cut several bags at the same size with ease or fill them to the same level.

Browse our products to see all the smart features.

Can I write on the bags?

Yes, you can. You don't need a sharpie neither. You can write smudge-free with any pen on the white box that comes printed on all OutOfAir bags.

You can also write anywhere on the bag, the entire surface of the bags is smudge-free.

Can I wash them?

Yes, they're safe to wash and to be washed in a dishwasher, and reused.

Bags that previously contained fruits, vegetables, breads and dry goods can be washed and reused. Discard and do not wash bags that contained raw meats, fish, eggs or cheese, because they may contain bacteria that will remain after washing. Please also discard bags that contained greasy or oily foods - they're hard to wash clean.

Can I reseal them?

Yes, just cut the old seal line out and then reseal the bag. Be sure to wipe clean the new seal line of any food or grease, so you get a strong seal just as before.

Can I boil them?

Yes, you can boil them for hours and they won't lose their integrity, they will also not pass any color, odor or toxic substances into the food.

Can I microwave them?

Yes, OutOfAir bags are microwave safe.

When microwaving, please cut open a corner of the bag to allow steam to escape. Also, please try to not microwave foods containing a lot of oil - oil gets hot fast and it can cause the sides of the bag to stick together.

Can I freeze them?

For sure. As compared to 3 mil bags, our 7-layered 4 mil thick plastic provides you with even more safety against bags losing seal or freezer burn.

Can I recycle OutOfAir bags?

Yes, our material is recyclable. Please follow your local municipality's guidelines.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we certainly do. Check out our 3X Safe page to learn more.

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