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Best Vacuum Sealing Machines in 2022

Best Vacuum Sealing Machines in 2022

Have you ever vacuum-sealed your food only to discover that it was still a victim of freezer burn? Using a bad vacuum sealer could have been the cause.

Vacuum sealing is a method of food storage that can help increase the shelf life of your food, keep your food fresh, and prevent freezer burn.

You can vacuum-seal your food using the displacement method, but it isn't a foolproof method. It might be unable to remove all the air in the bag, leaving room for freezer burn and loss of freshness.

A vacuum sealing machine for food is the most effective method of vacuum sealing. It is a machine designed to remove air from plastic bags and other specially designed bags and seal them to prevent air from coming in. It guarantees airtight and watertight seals.

We've compiled a list of the best vacuum sealing machines for food. Read on to find out more.

What You Should Look Out For

When choosing a vacuum sealer, there are some things you should look out for. These include:

1. Type

Vacuum sealing machines come in two types; chamber and external. The external type is the most common and is perfect for home cooks. The chamber vacuum sealer is bigger than the external vacuum sealer, more powerful, and is used in more commercial settings.

2. Size

Most vacuum sealers are about 12 - 14 inches in length and 4 - 8 inches in breadth.

3. Wattage

The higher the wattage of a vacuum sealer, the more powerful its suction power.

4. Power source

A vacuum sealer can either use electricity or be battery-operated.

Best Vacuum Sealing Machines

1. Nesco VS-12 Deluxe Vacuum Sealer

This vacuum sealer machine has a size of 15.75 x 8 x 4.5 inches. It has one of the highest wattages on the list. It is equipped with a 130-watt double vacuum pump to guarantee maximum air removal from vacuum sealer bags.

The VS-12 has a handle in front that ensures secure and easy closing of the machine. It also has built-in storage for keeping bag rolls and a cutting tool. This vacuum sealer has a pulse option to control the strength of suction when vacuum-sealing delicate items like soft fruit or baked foods.

2. Anova Precision Culinary Precision Vacuum Sealer

The Anova does not take up much storage space on your counter. It weighs a little over 2 lbs and comes in a dimension of 15 x 4 inches. It has a wattage of 80W which provides great suction. The machine also comes with ten vacuum sealer bags.

The Anova is pretty easy to use. It comes with just 3 buttons; vacuum and seal, pulse vacuum and seal. The pulse option is great for delicate and soft food items. Anova is one of the top makers of sous vide machines, making this vacuum sealer perfect for sous vide cooking.

3. FoodSaver VS3150 Vacuum Sealer

This vacuum sealer comes with different settings tailored for dry foods like grains and wet foods like soups or marinades. It also has a pulse option which prevents soft foods from getting squished.

It has a wattage of 130W and a dimension of ‎18.03 x 9.84 x 11.02 inches. It weighs almost 9 lbs and has storage space for bag rolls. It comes with a handheld sealer that can be used to seal wine bottles.

The VS3150 has a built-in cutter and heat sealer that can help you create custom-size bags. Additionally, it contains a beginning kit with two precut quart-size storage bags, two quart-size zipper bags, and two custom bag rolls.

4. Geryon Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

This food vacuum sealer is the cheapest option, costing a little below $50. It has a dimension of 2.56 x 5.5 x 14.4 inches and weighs a little less than 3 pounds. It has a wattage of 110W and ensures a tight vacuum seal.

It comes with six food settings, including the settings for dry and wet foods. It has two pressure options; gentle and normal suction. Geryon does not have a pulse mode and can squish soft foods like strawberries during vacuum sealing.

Geryon is also straightforward to clean and hardly anything gets trapped in its crevices. It comes with five heat seal bags and one vacuum sealer bag roll.

5. Zwilling Fresh & Save Food Vacuum Sealer Set

Zwilling is a cordless, handheld vacuum sealing machine that comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is a cylindrical pump with a dimension of 2 x 2 x 7.5 inches and weighs a little over a pound.

It takes very little counter space and comes with two reusable bags that are freezer compatible and a glass container that is dishwasher safe. It is very easy to use and has just one button that you press to start the vacuum-sealing process. The machine automatically turns itself off after sucking out all the air. Zwiling does not have a pulse option.

6. Nutrichef PKVS Sealer

The PKVS sealer has a wattage of 110W that provides strong suction and is very effective at sealing delicate foods. It is a lightweight machine with a dimension of 14.1 x 6.0 x 3.0 inches and weighs a little below 3 pounds.

It has a simple interface with touchscreen buttons. It has two modes; dry and moist. It guarantees a tight seal even with tiny droplets of moisture in foods like marinated meats or oily foods.

The PKVS comes with a wine stopper cork, five reusable medium vacuum bags, and an extra-long vacuum bag roll.

Get A Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealing has numerous benefits. It is a great way to conserve freezer space and time during meal prep. Simply put your food in a plastic bag or vacuum sealer bag, vacuum-seal it, and put it in the freezer. It makes your prepped meal stay fresh for longer. You can then take it and heat it whenever you like.

By using a vacuum sealing machine, you ensure that your meals are properly sealed and preserved in the freezer. You can visit for your reliable and affordable vacuum sealer bags and machines. You can also order large quantities with our "buy in bulk" option.
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