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  • Reasons To Use Vacuum Seal Bags For Shipping Dehydrated Foods
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Reasons To Use Vacuum Seal Bags For Shipping Dehydrated Foods

Reasons To Use Vacuum Seal Bags For Shipping Dehydrated Foods

The Need For Vacuum Seal Bags For Shipping Dehydrated Foods

Dehydrating food keeps nutrients locked in. Using a vacuum seal for shipping dehydrated foods aids to guard them from moisture.

Shipping dehydrated foods should be a walk in the park. But certain limitations like moisture, heat, and air keep your mind on the fence about shipping them.

Using chemicals for preservation doesn't sit well with most people in the long run. Which now makes storing dehydrated food an issue.

But, you can discard this concern as using a vacuum seal bag to ship dehydrated food creates no room for moisture, heat, or even air escape. Also, a vacuum seal bag can increase the lifespan of dehydrated foods by more than ten years.

Below are the reasons you need a vacuum seal bag to ship dehydrated foods.

  • Dehydrated Food Stays Fresh

Shipping dehydrated foods in a plastic bag or container only keep them fresh for a bit. With time, heat, moisture, and escaped air make the food lose nutrients and freshness. As earlier stated, a vacuum seal bag keeps dehydrated food fresh and intact. It prevents external bodies from coming in or going out. The fresh food remains locked inside and uncontaminated.

  • It Increases the Shelf Life of the Dehydrated Food You Intend to Ship

Especially for long distances, shipping dehydrated foods can be tasking. This is because they can get spoilt even before they reach the desired destination. Nobody wants spoilt food, and it cringes to think about eating something like that. A vacuum seal bag increases the shelf life of these dehydrated foods. And gives a guarantee of reaching the desired destination with the intended taste and freshness.

  • It Keeps Your Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables Food Organized and Neatly Packed.

Vacuum seal bags are often the best bet for packing dried fruits and vegetables for shipping. This is due to the concentration level during the drying process. These dried fruits often give out a more intense flavor making them desirable.

But, if the correct item is not used when shipping these items, they might lose their better taste. And this is yet another benefit of a vacuum seal for shipping dehydrated foods.

During Shipping, How Long Will Dehydrated Food Last if Vacuum-Sealed?

Various foods have different life spans. Some dehydrated food may last for some days or a couple of weeks. But, these dehydrated food products are unlikely to stay fresh or not get spoiled. After environmental factors like air, moisture, and insects penetrate them.

Now back to how long dehydrated food will last if vacuumed-sealed. Vacuum-sealed dehydrated products can last for up to 10 years. This is because the vacuum seal bag prevents oxygen from entering. Bacteria and mold cannot develop or destroy dehydrated food without oxygen.

Also, the vacuum seal prevents insects from accessing the food. And keeps dehydrated foods from getting wet due to reasons like water splash.

Storage of Dehydrated Vacuum-Sealed Food During Shipping

Generally, vacuum-sealed food can be stored in a refrigerator, a box, or left alone. The storage location of vacuum-sealed products does not affect the shelf life of the dehydrated food. But, when stored in a refrigerator or freezer, the shelf life can be further increased by a relatively acceptable amount of time.

Also, since the vacuum seal bag prevents air or moisture from going in. You can be assured that it will be in good condition whenever you choose to use your dehydrated food. It is much easier than when it is stored in an ordinary bag or package. Dehydrated food stored in ordinary bags and then kept in a refrigerator or freezer is more likely to get spoilt. In comparison, vacuum-sealed dehydrated food won't.

The Best Dehydrated Food to Use Vacuum Seal Bags For

We often only remember frozen food when we think of vacuum sealing. But, you can seal various dehydrated foods with a vacuum sealer. Such dehydrated foods include dried meat, dried fish, leftovers, and dry fruits. There are no specifics or best among dehydrated foods for vacuum sealing. All dehydrated food can be vacuumed and sealed if the shelf life needs to be sustained more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Vacuum Seal Dehydrated Foods?

Dehydrated means that the water in the food has been removed. There is no better way to store this type of food other than using a vacuum seal bag that will guarantee that the food stays dehydrated.

Even though dehydrated food can last long, it can also be vacuum sealed to increase its shelf life. And also, since dehydrated food can lose nutrients and taste and even get spoilt with time, it is OK to vacuum-seal them. This way, the nutrient, and flavor remain intact for extended periods.

2. What Is the Best Vacuum Sealer to Use?

A poor vacuum sealer may have poor suction or expose your dehydrated food to oxygen, air, or bacteria. All these could damage your food items and all the effort you took in dehydrating them. Before purchasing a vacuum sealer, ensure the thickness is at least 3mil thick and the suction functions.

See the best options here:

3. What Is The Shelf Life Of Vacuum-Sealed Dehydrated Foods?

The shelf life of vacuum-sealed dehydrated food varies. But, they can stay for up to 10 years.

Get Your Vacuum Seal to Ship Your Dehydrated Foods

The importance of vacuum seal bags for shipping dehydrated foods cannot be overemphasized. It secures the food, saves space, minimizes effort, and is pocket-friendly. Also, vacuum seal bags can be the perfect guard for every food product in your kitchen. Vacuum seal bags don't just give your food long shelf life; they also keep food quality.

So, in addition to a perfect space economy. With a guaranteed long shelf life, retained nutrients, and taste, we are also offering you the best vacuum seal bag for your dehydrated food. And a subsidized price for bulk purchases. What are you waiting for? You wouldn't know how necessary a vacuum seal bag is until you have it.

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from on October 24, 2022
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