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7 Things To Consider When Choosing the Right Food Vacuum Seal Bags

7 Things To Consider When Choosing the Right Food Vacuum Seal Bags

Grocery shopping constantly reminds us of how valued food is.

In fact, we know that securing its freshness is also an investment worth doing.

Now, this is where the importance of food vacuum seal bags come in.

This is done with the use of vacuum sealers.

What’s a vacuum sealer?

These are machines that remove air from vacuum seal storage bags and seal the bag tightly.

Here is how it works:

Vacuum sealing aids in preventing the growth of different harmful organisms in the package.

Vacuum seal bags for food also help prevent food spoilage.

One of the most essential parts of vacuum sealing is the vacuum seal food bags that will be used.

It has to be durable enough for heat sealing. It has to be long lasting as well to assure food safety.

Do I have your attention? Let's see the list.

Here are 7 things I would personally consider when purchasing food vacuum seal bags.


  1. Purpose of the Vacuum Sealer Bags

Identify the purpose of your vacuum sealer bags.

Will it be for storing fresh food like meat or vegetables?

Will it be for dry snacks and cereals?

Truth is: you want good quality vacuum sealer bags to ensure that food is securely sealed. This will also guarantee longer shelf life and freshness.

You would not want your bag to open or leak and spoil the contents.

Reusable vacuum seal bags also help in saving money. (When done right.)

You can reuse a vacuum seal bag depending on its previous contents. Make sure to identify what food items to seal to avoid contamination.

Airtight vacuum sealer bags also speed up meal preparation time. With good quality bags, you can heat food without worry.

2. Identify the Needed Bag Size

You already have the purpose of vacuum sealer bags in mind. This will also mean identifying the size of the sealer bags.

Will you need large vacuum seal bags for fresh meat?

Tip: Can You Vacuum Seal Frozen Meat? Complete Guide to Store Meat

Will your vegetables need small vacuum seal bags?

Tip: Things to Know About Vacuum Sealing Vegetables

Or will you prefer pint size vacuum seal bags?

You can purchase small vacuum sealer bags for pocket size snacks such as nuts. Smaller cuts of meat may not also require bigger bags.

Leftovers can also be stored in vacuum sealer bags depending on its amount and portions. You will also consider the width to fit your vacuum sealing machine.

By specifying these requirements, you can save space in your fridge.

You can also ensure that no sealer bag will be put to waste.

3. Identify the Needed Quantity

Decide on the number of portions you want in each bag.

I’m sure you want to consider for what occasion you will need storage for.

You also want to consider the number of people involved.

Will you also need to purchase bulk vacuum seal bags?

As for me, I’ll choose anywhere between 100 bags or even 1000 bags.

Your purchase will mainly depend on the usage of these sealer bags. Purchasing vacuum seal bags in bulk also helps in securing extra bags.

These will be available for use anytime.

4. Look For Food-safe Plastic

We know there are indeed potential dangers brought by some types of plastic.

When vacuum sealing, it will be important to look for food-safe vacuum sealer bags.

Check for bags that are non-toxic and free of BPA.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

This stands for bisphenol A. This is an industrial chemical used to produce certain plastics. This is also found in polycarbonate plastics. It is unsafe to heat polycarbonate plastics because they may break down and mix with your food.

A good quality vacuum sealer bag should be suitable for cooking.

May it be boiling or microwaving, it should keep the food safe to consume.

For you and your family’s safety, look for BPA-Free and FDA Approved Plastic bags.

5. Sealer Rolls or Pre-cut Bags?

As I said, there are a number of things to consider when choosing vacuum sealer bags.

Another one on the list is whether to buy sealer rolls or pre-cut bags.

To help you decide, here are quick descriptions for both options.

What’s a sealer roll?

Sealer rolls are similar to store-bought aluminum foil or plastic wrap rolls. Sealer rolls have two sides that are sealed.

Pre-cut bags however are vacuum sealer bags sealed on three sides.

In choosing a type of bag, it all comes down to your personal preference and your vacuum sealer machine.

There are sealers with space intended for storing sealer rolls. This makes it a more convenient choice for you.

Rolls also allow you to cut your desired size, however, restricted to its fixed width. Sealer rolls can also reduce waste and unnecessary expenses.

Pre-cut bags are a good choice as well if you know what you commonly use. This is useful for packaging raw food.

You would not want to cut each bag with scissors when packing raw meat. Pre-cut bags prevent food contamination from such method.

With OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags, pre-cut bags and rolls are made available.

These are definitely good go-to choices for customers looking for affordable and reliable food bags.

6. Compatibility With Your Vacuum Sealer Machine

It is important to check the quality of your vacuum sealer bags.

Another thing to keep in mind is its compatibility with your vacuum sealer. There are machines that operate at different temperatures.

So, not all sealer bags will work in all machines.

There is a way to make sure you have compatible vacuum sealer bags. You can buy bags from the same brand as your sealer machine.

Another way is to look at universal vacuum sealer bags.

OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags are designed to work with most vacuum sealer models. Choosing generic vacuum sealer bags can also save you more money.


7. Thickness of Vacuum Sealer Bags

You have to keep in mind the thickness of the vacuum sealer bags.

Thickness is very important to protect the food from outside damages.

Tearing can happen with packages rubbing against other items in the freezer.

Note that sharp bones can also be a cause of tearing. With good quality bags, tearing of food packages can be avoided.

This one could get a little technical but look:

thickness is often measured in Mil. 1 Mil is equivalent to 1/1000th of an inch. For storage less than 30 days, 9 Mil-10 Mil will work fine. For longer storages and meat with bones, you will need thicker bags. 11.5 Mil-12 Mil vacuum seal bags for food will work great.

You will want bags that can take more wear and tear.

OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags are safe for boiling, microwaving, and freezing. These puncture-resistant bags also help avoid freezer burns on your food.

Now, where to buy vacuum sealer bags?

You can browse and choose vacuum sealer bags online.

You can choose from a wide range of brands, sizes, and thickness.

With easier access to these products, you can help in reducing food waste.

Vacuum sealer bags are the most important partner with your sealer. You can marinate, microwave, and store food using these items.

Shop now at and discover the wonders vacuum sealing can bring to your home!

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