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About OutOfAir

OutOfAir was founded in 2015 by Jonathan Laliberte out of frustration with existing vacuum sealer bags being either not good enough or too expensive. Since 2001 Jonathan has also owned and managed Brainstorm ID, an ID card manufacturer and retailer known for product quality and customer service, with over 2500 positive reviews.

Hey there!

My name is Jon, and back in 2015... I was frustrated trying to find high-quality vacuum sealer bags at a reasonable price. I was especially tired of dealing with the choice between very expensive FoodSaver® (or "name brand") rolls which were incredibly short, and the no-name rolls which were 50ft long - but wouldn't fit inside my vacuum sealer machine. I also found that many companies were using a thin grade of plastic that didn't always hold up well. The 50ft rolls I tried using would unravel as I was trying to cut them and it drove me nuts.

After talking to some friends that also vacuum seal their food I realized they shared my frustrations - so I set out to do something about it, and OutOfAir was born.

My goal is for all OutOfAir bags to be convenient to use and to help you get the job done as efficiently as possible

I've been an entrepreneur since grade school, having sold exotic goods such as candy, and also... candy (know your customer!). I knew vacuum sealer bags and rolls could be made better - better products, with better support, at a better price - and I think you'll agree that's what I've been able to create with OutOfAir. I want everyone to have the opportunity to vacuum seal their food. Vacuum sealing lets you take advantage of sales and bulk pricing makes eating healthy easier and less costly, and makes having a good meal convenient on those busy nights, without resorting to fast food.

I've been vacuum-sealing food for over 10 years now. I won't shy away from a sale - buying food bulk can add up when you're able to preserve it for longer-term storage. But mostly, I'm a meal-prepper. I'll spend a few hours making a large batch of one or more meals, and vacuum seal and freeze them into portion sizes to have for future meals. This means I can cook once every week or two instead of having to cook every day.

Now, this is all to say this: I know what makes a good vacuum sealer bag - what makes them handy, and what makes them a nuisance. My goal is for all OutOfAir bags to be handy. If a customer runs into a problem that makes our bags a nuisance for them, I feel personally responsible. If this happens, these returns don't go to our warehouse, they come straight to me where I inspect and test the bags to ensure future customers are not going to be inconvenienced. I want to be sure you're happy with our products.

Vacuum sealer bags still have room for innovation, and I don't see a reason to settle for what is currently available if it can be improved on. If I can help customers with specific needs to accomplish their goals, I'm in! If you have a specific need that isn't being met - let me know!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions at all, please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you.

Jonathan Laliberte