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  • OutOfAir 8" x 25' Vacuum Sealer Bags - 8 Rolls
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    About this product:

    • 200 Feet of Vacuum Bags: Includes 8 rolls that are 8-inches by 25-feet long.

    • Fits Inside Most Machines: Other rolls are too far large to fit inside most FoodSaver® vacuum sealers. OutOfAir 25ft rolls fit.

    • Incredibly Strong: We use Heavy-Duty BPA-free plastic. Our bags are 33% thicker than most bags sold. That means you don't have to worry about sharp objects puncturing your bags (10 mil texture side, 4 mil gloss side)

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Compatible with all heat-seal vacuum sealer machines

OutOfAir vacuum sealer bags work in ALL normal heat-seal vacuum sealers. Including machines made by companies such as FoodSaver®, VacMaster®, Weston®, Cabelas®, Rival®, Seal-a-Meal®, Ziploc® and more. *

Compatible sealer

Compatible sealer

Compatible sealer

Compatible sealer

Compatible sealer

FreshSaver * Our zipper bags (and all OutOfAir bags) are not compatible with hand-held devices that require a valve on the bag.

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OutOfAir was founded in 2015 out of frustration with existing bags being not good enough or too expensive.

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